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Nutrigenomics: Nutrition and Genes

Image by Warren Umoh

Nutrigenomics explores the interaction between nutrition and genes. It is based on the idea that the foods we eat and the nutrients we consume can affect the expression of our genes. Variations in our DNA can affect an individual’s response to certain nutrients and can have an impact on our overall health and wellbeing. 

As a certified Lifecode Gx Nutrigenomics Practitioner, Kate offers a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels via Lifecode Gx which inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes. This enables a preventative, proactive and personalised approach to health. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The results provide in depth insights into the risks or protective potential of each genotype. This enables a deeper and holistic understanding of results and identification of the lifestyle changes that will be the most effective. Knowing our genetic predisposition can be empowering and motivating and can be the incentive to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to support our health and longevity.

Please note that only genes that can be influenced by diet and lifestyle are studied.

How will it help me?

Having a DNA test pinpoints exactly how your body responds to and metabolises certain nutrients. It will show you if you are predisposed to certain conditions or food intolerances/allergies. We are all as unique as our DNA and what our bodies need to perform reflects that. 

DNA Test kit

Our DNA does not change, you will only ever need one DNA test.  It takes a minute to collect a sample of cheek cells from which the DNA is extracted and analysed. Place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising table, fill out and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided. Please note that the test is not impacted  by HRT, Nutritional supplements, contraceptives, pregnancy or exercise.

Consultation and support 

You will receive a detailed analysis of your reports and during your consultation, I will carefully explain what the results mean and what your DNA tells us about you and then create a bespoke, personalised food, supplements and lifestyle protocol based on your unique genetic profile. Please note that I do not provide any written guidance during the analysis, so please do prepare to make notes.

DNA Health Packages

All packages include: 

  • A DNA collection kit

  • Comprehensive reports, highlighting your unique genetic variants and requirements for support

  • A consultation with report analysis and recommendations on diet, lifestyle and supplements. 

Confidentiality and Security

Your data is confidential and will be kept securely. Your data-including personal data, raw genetic data and reports is not and will not be shared or sold to any third party DNA is extracted and processed in the UK. Samples are anonymised by allocation of a barcode. Data is destroyed 6 months after analysis

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